5 Reasons Why People Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk.

5 Reasons Why People Buy Birthday Cards In Bulk.


  1. They Have Lots Of Friends and Family

All the Grandparents reading this will understand exactly what we mean. My Gran has over 40 direct descendants and that's before you add into the mix spouses and partners.Which means we need cards in large volumes.

  1. They Find Themselves Slightly Forgetful

How many times have you arrived somewhere only to realise you’ve forgotten to get a birthday card. Well if you leave a pack of Wonder Cards in the car you never have to tell that “ I left your card at home” lie ever again.

  1. Buying Birthday Cards in Bulk is Cheaper

Ok I myself love to buy things in bulk to save a few pounds, and buying assorted birthday cards in bulk is a great money saver. They come in a box that can easily fit in your kitchen drawer.Which is a tad easier to store than the 144 toilet rolls I bought from the cash and carry.

  1. Buying Birthday Cards in Bulk is a Time Saver.

This is my personal number 1 reason, buying anything in bulk is a time hack. All of our time is precious so let's not waste it nipping to the shop constantly.

  1. Buying Birthday Cards in Bulk more Eco-Friendly

Buying anything in bulk is usually more eco friendly. But birthday cards it's especially true most cards purchased from stores come in an individual plastic wrap. As the world changes around reducing plastic waste has never been more in the limelight.